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KwikKar Be Cool Stay Cool Car AC in Working OrderThis summer will be packed full of events like festivals, pool parties, sporting events, picnics and road trips. The absolute last thing you want is to find out your car’s A/C unit is on the fritz. Oklahoma summers can be beastly, and a functional cooling system in your car is essential to your sanity and well-being. So, if your car’s A/C doesn’t seem to be working properly or if you are getting ready for a long road trip, let the experienced, qualified technicians at Kwik Kar check your car’s air conditioning system and get it running efficiently.

Seeing a Mechanic vs. Doing It Yourself

While you may have seen do-it-yourself kits for repairing your vehicle’s air conditioning at an auto parts store, there are some important things to contemplate before trying to make a fix yourself:

Environmental Risks

There are environmental risks involved in dealing with your air conditioning unit. CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) have been affecting our environment for decades, contributing to ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere. It’s pretty easy to release CFCs into the atmosphere if you don’t know what you’re doing. Kwik Kar’s auto technicians are trained to avoid this problem.

Freon Challenges

Freon must be added to your car in just the right amount, or you’ll continue to have problems. If you add too much, your A/C unit won’t be able to handle it, and you’ll end up needing more complicated repairs. If you add too little Freon, the A/C will never get as cold as you need it. While DIY kits come with gauges, they’re often not as accurate as the professional gauges a specialized technician would use.

Possible Complications

Your air conditioning system may have a more serious problem than a DIY kit can repair or even detect. You could spend your hard-earned money on a do-it-yourself kit, take the time to fill the system properly, yet still find yourself back at square one in a matter of days.

Hard-to-Find Leaks

Most A/C coolant level problems stem from leaks that are hard to find unless you’re using the special diagnostic systems employed by a professional mechanic. There are multiple places within your car’s entire A/C system that a well-trained auto technician knows how to inspect quickly and efficiently — the fittings, compressor hose manifolds, seals and o-rings on pressure switches, pin holes on the compressor and anywhere a hose may be crimped.

DIY Isn’t Easy

It’s simply not easy to repair your vehicle’s coolant system yourself, especially in the middle of a hot Oklahoma summer. Seeing a mechanic can save you time and give you peace of mind that the problem will be identified and fixed properly.

How Kwik Kar’s Technicians Repair Your A/C/

At Kwik Kar, we take pride in serving you honestly, offering fair prices and service that gives you safety, security and peace of mind for any problem your car is having, including keeping your car properly cooled in hot weather.

Here’s how we can help you stay cool all summer long:

  1. Our well-trained, experienced technicians know their stuff. We can repair or replace any car or truck’s A/C unit.
  2. We’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s system for leaks in hoses, couplings, valves, the vehicle’s evaporator and other places.
  3. Our technicians are qualified to safely recover, store or reuse any old refrigerant when applicable, which benefits the environment.
  4. Evacuating and cleaning a car’s air conditioning system is something we do every day, so we can do it swiftly, easily and correctly.
  5. We’ll quickly clean the condenser fins, which helps prevent trouble down the road.
  6. Testing and ensuring proper compressor operation is a must when diagnosing an A/C system problem, and our professional service team at Kwik Kar is qualified to do so.
  7. We’ll also ensure the blower motor and cooling fan are functioning properly when completing the diagnostic.
  8. While we have your vehicle in our shop, we’ll also gladly and efficiently check the drive belt, compressor clutch and other issues like wiring and fuse problems. These issues can be potentially tricky to repair and are best left to professionals to avoid repair nightmares.

We’re Ready to Cool You Off

This summer, don’t let your plans get burned up. Call Kwik Kar today to make an appointment to see our professional mechanics. We’ll check your vehicle’s A/C and get you back on the road in cool style.

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