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Preventative Maintenance: Just What the Car Doctor Ordered

Preventative maintenance check-ups are absolutely the best way to make sure your car stays healthy and running smoothly for a long time to come. Plus, periodical engine check-ups along the way help keep the car medics away. Just like going to the doctor for a regular visit, consistent checking of the fundamental systems in your vehicle allows you to catch anything unhealthy under the hood before it’s too late. Give your car what the doctor ordered with these preventative maintenance services:

Revisit your owner’s manual.

Check your manual for all the proper maintenance intervals. Car manufacturers always have a recommended schedule of maintenance for your specific make and model. Following the schedule in the manual will keep you from major issues that can cost a pretty penny. It is also required for maintaining most manufacturer’s warranties, but don’t think you have to go to the dealer to keep from voiding your warranty. That’s a misperception. You can go to anyone you choose. All you have to do to keep the warranty intact is to hold on to any receipts showing the services that were performed.

Test your fluid levels.

Most oil or fluid tanks have gauges or dipsticks to show you the levels inside. Checking them frequently helps you to avoid fluids running low. If you are running low often, you might have a leak somewhere. And if your fluids can leak out, then contaminants can get in, which can mean major problems in the future if you keep topping off your fluids instead of getting the leak fixed. It’s like taking cough medicine for pneumonia when you really should visit the doctor who can give you antibiotics. Trusting your fluids to the car doctors (professional mechanics and technicians) when there’s a repair need is vitally important.

Check where the rubber meets the road.

Making sure your tires have enough tread and that the tread is wearing evenly minimizes flats and leaks caused by baldness. Checking the air pressure with an air pressure gauge and adding air when needed will keep you driving smoothly and safely. Having your tires rotated and balanced at the proper time and getting your alignment checked are also important steps to lengthening the life of your tires and increasing your MPG.

Replace your wipers.

Windshield wipers are easy to change and new blades make it easier to see, giving you a safer, more pleasant drive. Make sure to buy the right wiper blades for your car. Again, check that handy owner’s manual to identify the type you need. Better yet, bring your car to Kwik Kar and we’ll make sure you get the right ones “kwik” and easy.

Change your air filters.

Two filters, both your cabin air filter and the engine air filter, need to be changed regularly. Filters get dirty, which lessens their effectiveness over time. Having qualified technicians replace them on a regular schedule is a smart idea. Clean filters help your car run better and provide comfortable air to breathe inside your vehicle.

Get a tune-up.

You might do a great job consistently checking everything already listed here, but there are other parts of your vehicle that may be better left in the hands of your car doctor. Letting professional mechanics and technicians give your car a tune-up by replacing spark plugs, belts, pumps and filters can give your car a new lease on life. Schedule regular visits to your local mechanic to keep your car as healthy as possible.

Remember, preventative maintenance is a smart way to keep your car healthy and happy and to avoid huge repair bills. Contact the team at Kwik Kar for all your vehicle maintenance and check-ups! For expert service and lower prices, click here or give us a call at 918-641-4940 today to get started.

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