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Is the check engine light on in your car?

Routine check engine light diagnosis can really help make sure that your vehicle is in reliable operating condition.

You should bear in mind that the check engine light does not always add up to a major repair bill. The engine light simply comes on whenever some sort of fault is sensed in the automobile emissions system. This could very well be an issue as simple as a loosened fuel cap, or it could be some sort of complex engine malfunction. In either case, Kwik Kar of Tulsa can help!

Whenever the ASE certified techs at Kwik Kar of Tulsa carry out engine diagnostics checks, they begin by sending data from your vehicle’s computer into specialized analytic equipment. From this point, the engine diagnostics service moves to the next step where the technician will skillfully combine the total performance data with his/her own experience to competently determine the reason why the check-engine light in your vehicle’s is on.

Further assessment of the related diagnosis will enable our technician to make a recommendation to repair your car or truck, provide you with related symptoms, possible causes, and then let you know the measure of urgency with which you should get your vehicle serviced, and then of course reset the check engine light for you. So call today and let Kwik Kar of Tulsa provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.


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