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Radiator-Repair-Flush-Service-TulsaWe’ve all seen it at some point, a person stuck on the side of the highway with steam coming out from under the hood of their car or truck. This is a sure sign that their radiator and cooling system has failed. Radiator and cooling system failure is the most common cause of engine and other mechanical failure for vehicles on the highway.

While cooling system failure is bad for your radiator and other cooling system components it can also mean big trouble for your vehicle’s engine and transmission. The cooling system is an essential part of many systems in your vehicle.

Kwik Kar: Tulsa’s #1 Choice for Radiator Flush Service

Properly checking and maintaining your vehicle’s cooling system is important for keeping your engine, radiator, and the interior of your car at a proper temperature. Overheating can be detrimental to many vehicle components, which is why Kwik Kar radiator flush service includes the following:

  • Servicing each cooling system according to the factory recommended methods
  • Protection against contaminating new coolant
  • Removing rust, scale deposits, and other debris that can cause cooling system failure
  • Protection against leaks in various parts of the cooling system

The Kwik Kar Difference

Most standard cooling system drain and refill services only replace about half of your systems antifreeze or coolant, which means contaminated coolant will remain and potentially compromise your system. The difference when you bring your vehicle to Tulsa Kwik Kar is we remove and replace 95% of your vehicle’s coolant, and add a proprietary Kwik Kar coolant additive that helps prevent leaks, foaming, and corrosion.

Kwik Kar – Radiator Services

At Tulsa Kwik Kar we believe in fast and courteous service, and quality work. Our shop features:

  • Drop-in service – no appointment needed
  • A convenient location and business hours
  • Experienced and certified automotive technicians
  • Honest and reliable mechanics and customer service personnel
  • Competitive pricing

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