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Steering-Suspension-Service-TulsaAside from braking, steering your vehicle is one of the most important ways of controlling it. Shocks and struts assist you in controlling both your steering and stopping ability.

The Importance of Shocks for Your Suspension

When steering and suspension parts begin to degrade and wear out with age they slowly lose the ability to control the leaning and swaying of your vehicle. This directly relates to the way your tires grip the road, and how well your vehicle handles bumps and rough terrain.

Controlling weight transfer from one side of the vehicle to the other during turns is also heavily controlled by the shock and strut systems. This poor weight transfer control, due to bad shock absorbers, can lead to the unloading tire to abruptly go from gripping to slipping. Losing stability this quickly is very unsafe, especially in snowy or wet conditions where tire grip is already slightly compromised. Understanding that shocks and struts play an essential role in properly controlling your vehicle is important. Struts and shocks:
● Help to keep your tires on the road
● Ensure your vehicle has a smooth and comfortable ride
● Help maintain wheel and vehicle alignment
● Keep your vehicle stabilized
● Prolong the life of the other components of your vehicle’s suspension

What to Look For

If you haven’t had your shocks and struts checked out by a professional at Kwik Kar there are several warning signs to be aware of that indicate service may be needed:
● After hitting a bump and returning to smooth road your car continues to rock
● The ride in your vehicle is bouncy all the time
● When you brake, hard or soft, the front of your vehicle dives forward
● Your brake system is leaking quite a bit of fluid
● The bushings are broken or worn
● Your tires are wearing down unusually fast

Some of these changes may happen gradually and may not be noticeable, which is why it’s important to bring your vehicle into the shock and strut specialists at Kwik Kar.

Kwik Kar – Steering & Suspension Service

At Tulsa Kwik Kar we believe in quality, top-notch work, and courteous service. Our auto shop features:
● Drop-in automotive service
● Convenient business hours and a great Tulsa location
● Experienced and certified automotive mechanics
● Trustworthy, experienced, and reliable mechanics and customer service staff
● Competitive pricing

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