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car-auto-tune-up-service-tulsaBeing stranded on the side of the road during rush hour or ruining a family road trip due to car trouble can be a frustrating event, and can easily be avoided with regular scheduled maintenance and tune-ups. Typically, your vehicle’s check engine light will go on to provide you with some advance notice of an impending problem, but even this situation can usually be avoided with a regular tune up at a reputable auto shop like Tulsa Kwik Kar.

Auto Tune-Ups in Tulsa

At Tulsa Kwik Kar we have the latest diagnostic equipment at our disposal in order to find the root of your engine’s problem quickly and accurately, so we can repair it and have you back on the road as fast as possible.

We understand that your time and money are important, which is why we work efficiently and with integrity. This means your repairs are done as quickly as possible, and only necessary repairs are recommended and completed.

Engine Warning Signs

If your engine displays any of the following warning signs, aside from the check engine light, visit Tulsa Kwik Kar right away for professional diagnostic testing:

  • Frequent stalling
  • Rough idling and running
  • Difficulty starting
  • Increasingly poor gas mileage
  • Any other symptom that appears to be out of the ordinary

At Tulsa Kwik Kar, we’ll ensure that any problems with your vehicle are uncovered and properly repaired so you can safely get back on the road, and back to your daily routine.

Kwik Kar Tune-Ups: Professional & Knowledgeable

At Tulsa Kwik Kar we take pride in great customer service and good work. This has led to lots of repeat customers and referrals, who have become long term clients of ours. Our shop features:

  • No appointments necessary
  • A convenient Tulsa location
  • Ideal and convenient business hours
  • Fast and trustworthy service
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and fully certified mechanics
  • Reliable and honest technicians and staff
  • Competitive pricing

Contact us today for more information about tune-ups and other services: (918) 641-4940


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